2024 Blog Growth Blueprint: Smart Strategies for Explosive Results

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One of the best ways to make money online is blogging. Thousands of people around the world are making a lot of money through blogging. Not only for making money but also for establishing your business or personal brand, you should start your blog.

And you know, starting a blog is easy.

But grow a blog from scratch is not a cup of tea for sure. Do you know how to grow a blog from scratch? Surely, not and that is why you are reading this article. And you are in the right place because I am going to tell you how exactly you can grow a blog from scratch. All you have to do is to stay tuned until the last. Here we go.

Don't Harsh! Select a Niche

If you want to know how to start a blog, then the first thing you need to do is to select a niche. A lot of people just start a blog because they see people are doing blogging. Are you one of those people who want to start a blog because others are earning through blogging?

If yes, then stop!

Find a niche

You need to think clearly and find out your passion. You need to find out what niche you should choose. The reason is that without your passion, you cannot get the interest to make your blogging for the long term. Yes, you can start it for sure, but to continue it, you have to have a passion for the niche.

If you see any best blog, you will see that they are focused on a specific niche. Yes, some blogs focus on many things. But when you are starting, you have to select a niche. So think clearly and find out your interest. Think about what you are passionate about.

But one thing you need to know here that you should not start a blog about health, finance, or other expertise unless you are not an expert on that specific niche. That means if you are not a doctor, finance expert, or other experts, you should not start that type of blog. You can never get rank on Google and thus not get any visitor at all.

Name your blog and get web hosting

You have selected a niche for your blog. Now it is time for you to start the first step of creating your blog. You need a web address and a place to store your files. That means you need a domain and hosting. When choosing the name of your blog, you should remember something in your mind.

The first thing is the size of the name. If you choose a site name like thebestgardeningtips.com/net/org, do you think people will remember the name? Of course not. That is why you need to keep the name short. You can keep the name like gardeningtips.com or parktips.com.

Also, you need to choose the .com domain as well because it is easy to remember as well. When it comes to hosting, you can start with a small package. The reason is that at first, you will not have enough visitors

at first. So, a small package will be enough for you. After getting some visitors, you can update the package as well. And one more thing, you should choose a reputed domain hosting company for better service.

Deep Keyword Research

If you ask me how to start a news blog or what is the first thing you need to know, then my answer is keyword research. Yes, you have chosen your niche; you have bought a domain and hosting. Now it is time for you to do keyword research.

Just writing on any topic you love is not enough. Simply think about it. Some high authority popular websites have the same posts as your posts. Now tell me why Google will rank your website higher than those websites? Do you get my point?

Keyword Research

That is the reason you need to do deep keyword research so that you can find out a low-competitive keyword. When you find some low-competitive keyword where there are no high authority or popular sites has posted on that keyword, you can choose that keyword and Google will rank you higher. So do deep keyword research.

Smartly Analysis of the Competitor

When doing the keyword research or topic research, you need to analyze your competitor, smartly. You need to find out the lack of your competitor. When you find out the weak points of your competitor, you can hit there.

For example, when you see that your competitors do not have a post about a specific topic that people want to know, then you can easily beat them on that topic for sure. Also, check the content, content structures, backlinks, SEO, and overall wealth of your competitors.

When you can do it, you will easily find out what you need to do to beat your competitor. That is why you should smartly analyze the competitor.

Find Competitor Reports in this tool.

Make Content Framework and Do Content Marketing

Now you know where to hit. Now it is time for action. When it comes to action, the first thing you need to do is to make a content structure. The content framework is what matters. For a good content framework, you need to know what your audience wants.

When you know what your audience wants, you can easily create a framework your audience will like. Google wants to make its users happy. That means if you can satisfy the user, Google will rank you higher. The better the user experience you can provide, the higher rank you will get in Google.

Do you know why Content Marketing Fails? It is because of the wrong framework. If you cannot make a structure that your audience will like, you cannot get the best result for sure. To make the structure perfect, you need to write an appealing title, an attractive intro, and information-based content so that people find the solution to their problem in your site. When you can do that, you will get a higher rank for sure.

Spend time building an audience

Just structuring your content and posting is not enough. You need to spend time to build your audience. It is not something like that you post content, and you will start getting your audience. You need to spend time and continue to work on it.

Just structuring your content and posting is not enough. You need to spend time to build your audience. It is not something like that you post content, and you will start getting your audience. You need to spend time and continue to work on it.

Also, you have to post too much content regularly to start getting visitors as well. And the most important thing is that you need time to understand what your audience want, and how to satisfy their demand. So spend time.

Optimize Your Posts for Search

If you want to get visitors to your blog, you must optimize your post. Yes, if you want to transfer your audience from social media or other webpages, then you might not need optimizing your content for search. But if you want organic traffic from search engines, then you have to optimize your content.


In that case, you need to know about SEO content writing. That means how you can tell Google or other search engines what your content is all about. Also, how much information you can provide to satisfy the customer as well.

If you can provide more relevant information than your competitor and if you can make search engines understand that you have better content than your competitor, you will get a higher rank on search engines.

Also, you may hear about On-Page SEO. To make visual to search engine, you have to do on page SEO to optimize your post. On-Page SEO is the major part of search engine. Please remember and don’t forget to optimize your content through On-Page SEO.

Do Basic Link Building

However, just optimizing content is not enough in this competitive market. You and your competitor have the same optimized content. Now, what will search engines do? It will rank the site that has higher authority. And how it finds out the authority? Well, through the backlink.

So another secret of how to grow a blog from scratch is backlink. That is why you need to get backlinks right after publishing your content. It will signal the search engines that you have good authority, and that is why people are referring to you.

So do some basic backlinks. And you will see the result. I see most of the marketers feel that or think that basic backlinks will not work right now. But believe me, It’s a foundational backlink you must do. Start with foundational backlink for your home page and you will see the result very soon.

Reference Industry Influencers in Your Content

When writing content, you need to refer to some industry influencers as well. You may think that why it is important. Well, the reason is that people trust the industry influencers. So, when you provide the reference of industry influencer, people will easily trust you.

Media influence

For example, if you are writing content on how to make perfect dinner, then you should provide a reference to some industry influencer. If you just tell people that they should make this dinner for perfection, they might not trust you since they do not know you.

But when you provide a reference to the people who are already established in the industry, people will trust you. And you should do it all the time to build more trust. Even if you see some popular influencers, you will see that they are providing references to get more credibility. 

Start Building Relationships with Influencers

Now you have good content, you have done some basic backlinks, and you have built your credibility in the market. Do you think that is enough? Not at all. If you want to know how to grow a blog from scratch, then you need to start building a relationship with the industry influencer.

Why is it important when you are already referring to them? Well, the reason is that when you build a relationship with the industry influencers, they will share your content, or they might refer your website for any specific information.

When they will do it, people will come to your site, and since you have good informative content on your site, people will like it for sure. And that is when you will get even more followers.

Also, when you have a relationship with the industry influencers, people will consider you as a trusted blogger. If that happens, people will start following you as well, and that can be the best step for you to become an industry influencer too.

Building a Team

When you have enough visitors, you cannot maintain the pressure of the audience alone. In that case, you must need a team. Without a good team, no blogger can grow big. It is time for you to grow, and for that, you must need a good team.

A good team will help you scale your blogging business. Just think about it. You need a lot of content every month. Also, you need to do content marketing, as well. At the same time, you need to maintain the social media and other optimization tasks. And to rank higher, you need to try getting more links.

You can do all of these alone for sure. But after doing all this, you cannot live because since you are human, you need to live with your family and society. That is why you need a good team of skilled members who will provide you with good content, do optimization, manage social media, and get links for you.

Now making a good team might be costly. But at this stage, you should not have any problem regarding the budget.

So hire a content writer for good content writing, hire a graphics designer who will design the picture of your content and also design the look of your website, hire an SEO expert for ranking, an email manager for communicating with influencer and others, and a social media manager. These will be enough for a good team.

A good team will help you to grow your blog. You might think you are the all rounder and you can do all by yourself. If you think this type of bullshit thought, then you are in the wrong way. Because I was in the same room. Remember, time is money.

Become a blogger, not a writer

There is a difference between bloggers and writers. Blogging is not all about writing. It is all about communicating your customers where writing is playing with the word. Now there is a strong connection between writing and blogging for sure. But blogging is all about business.

You need good content to provide information to your audience; you need optimization to rank higher so that people find your content, and you need to build good communication with the audience so that they get engaged. These are not the job of a writer; these are the job of a blogger.

That means blogging is a kind of marketing. You have to be a good marketer to be a successful blogger. You need to do whatever needs to do to rank higher on Google, not what Google wants from you. That means writing is a part of blogging. So if you want to be a successful blogger, you do not need to be a successful writer for sure.

Make Patience

And lastly, you need to have patience. This is where most people failed. They think that everyone is making money with blogging, why I cannot make money with it. What they do not understand is that the people who are making money have spent a lot of time on it, and they have patience.

Patience is the most important thing in blogging. If you do not have patience, blogging is not an option for you. Let me give you some examples. Sometimes, you will see that your content is better than your competitor, and you have more links than him as well. Yet, you are not getting rank.

In that case, you have to audit your site once again to find out where the problem is. Also, to get a good authority to fight against your competitor, you need to have patience as well. You cannot get authority in a day. Even it is really tough for a new marker to get a medium level authority to Google within a year. Can you imagine how much time do you need to wait to get the authority to beat the competitor?

That is why you must have patience if you want to succeed in the blogging business. Start your blog and slowly build your audience. It will tough for sure since you are working, but you are getting the result. But trust me, if you have patience and keep working hard for a long time, you will get the best result, and then you will understand that it was worthy of it.


Now you know how to grow a blog from scratch. It is time for action. You need to start today since every day, a lot of people are coming to the market. The more days you wait, the harder it becomes for you to be successful in the blogging.

Remember that the blogging industry is continually changing. If you want to make yourself successful, you need to keep yourself up to date all the time, and you need to change the policy over time. It is a great source of passive income for sure, but you need to keep your blog up to date all the time to get that passive income. So, what are you waiting for? Start your blog today.  

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