How to Find Expired Domains Quickly!

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If you have ever found yourself wondering How to Find Expired Domains you’ve come to the right place. Because I have got some bag of tricks in how to find expired domains and I’m ready to share them with you.

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What is an expired domain?

Domains come with a certain price and a timeline.  If the yearly fee isn’t maintained, then it goes expired beyond the deadline and is up for anyone else to buy them again.

Benefits of buying expired domains:

If you’re trying to get yourself into the world of how to write SEO friendly article or how to start blogging, or you’re trying to get your hands dirty in how to create an affiliate site then registering the right expired domain might jumpstart your career, considering you have been wise about picking out the domain for you.

How and How to find expired domains

  • Choose an expired domain name that is relevant to your niche
  • The domains aren’t spammed
  • They have a quality backlink profile

Registering a domain that has been expired or deleted would get you a head start as price tag for such domains aren’t very high.  But at the time it comes with a certain SEO advantage as it already has a traffic built for it. So, once you have gotten the ball rolling the backlinks on the domain will help with your site ranking and will show up in the first page for certain keywords of your niche.

If none of the above options are to your taste you can always sell the expired domain back to the market at a greater price so either way it is not a loss project for you.  This way you can help a friend in need who has uses for the expired domain and you get some extra cash too. A win-win!

Learn How to Create an Affiliate Site

There are a number of ways expired domains can be used to your advantage:

  • Building a new high authority website
  • Start a new blog website under the expired domain with backlinks to other business websites
  • Redirect to your affiliate websites

There are a few ways you can pick up an expired domain –

Domain Hunter Gatherer is one of the best options out there to dig out powerful authority domains and domain registers.

If you are new to the expired domain game and are unsure of how to go about it, why not just start with typing up the niche you are in?  Domain Hunter Gatherer will scrape out a list of expired domains list relevant to your niche and you can choose your pick.

  • Domain Hunter Gatherer is extremely easy to install and set up and that is one of the reasons why I’m so comfortable using their services.
  • Domain Hunter Gatherer also have a mammoth database of expired domains, approximately 14 million.  And it’s not just randomly thrown at you because all these domains that pops up are available for a domain register.
  • You can customize your search by utilizing the filter tool. (there are as many as 16 available!)
  • Another cool feature of this website is that you can even download the extracted list in txt or csv file. This is extremely useful for people who, like me, are interested in playing around with some kind of web analytics tool and get major insights into the numbers.
  • If all of these tips sound a little overwhelming, please don’t worry.  Once you get in the going you will see it is rather straightforward, and even though you find it sticky to play around in the environment they have video guides available on the website for you so will be in good hands.  Top marks for customer service!
  • While I am a huge of Domain Hunter Gatherer, I like to keep my options open and not heavily rely on just one resource.  I suggest you do the same and keep your ears and eyes open.
  • One of the other websites I like to keep a close eye on is Namecheap. Perks of using Namecheap is they can get quite creative in making and marketing great deals for you.

Tools you would require:

Whatever strategy you decide to pick up from the above you are going to need some tools –

Full Video Guide to buy a expire domain:

One of the auction websites selling an excellent range of expired domains is tbsolutions.info.  Once you’ve landed in this website you’ll find a large amount of domain names listed under All Good Domains offering

Knowing how to find expired domains can be the energy booster for your business as this can be the only difference between showing up on page 1 and page 2 on a search.

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