How to dominate local SEO and Why local SEO is king

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It’s almost 2024 and want to know how to dominate local SEO for your business? It’s not a rocket science that you can rank or dominate on Google.

I worked with many local marketers and business owners. One thing they want, just dominate their local business or area through online or offline. I helped them dominate their local business so that they can grow well as well as sky rocket their business. 

  Tell me one thing?

If you want to find the best coffee shop around you, what will you do?

Of course, you will search in Google, right? And Google will tell you the best coffee shop near you.

Google My Business

The same goes for every customer.

Nowadays, everyone searches on Google to find local shops. That is why Google is the best place you can show your business and let your customers know about your business. You know, no matter how good your product is or how much money you spend on your decoration, if you cannot rank your shop on Google. And that is why you need to know how to dominate local SEO.

Local SEO is the thing that you need to rank your shop or business in Google for your local area. Now the question comes that how can you make a strategy or learn SEO to dominate in local SEO and thus dominate in local business? Stay tuned. We are going to reveal that.

What is local SEO?

To know how to dominate local SEO in 2024, you need to have a clear idea about local SEO. So waht is local SEO?

Local SEO (local search engine optimization), also known as local search engine marketing, is an effective way to promote your business in the local area. It is a process of optimizing your content or website to be found in local SERP or local Google search results.

For example, if you search by writing the best restaurant near me, then you will find a direct result on the Google result page. That is the main job of local SEO. It focuses on ranking your website in a higher position on that Google search result page so that people can easily find your business, and you get customers and thus maximize profit.

Why is local SEO so important?

You may have got a basic idea about the necessity of local SEO. But there are more you need to know to understand the importance of local SEO.

50% of the people who search on mobile for local on Google go to the shop physically. 34% of people search on a computer to visit the shop as well. 18% of those searchers actually buy the product on that day. And there is more. 60% of Americans conduct searches for local products or shops. So you can easily imagine how important it is. Even nowadays, it is impossible to make money in your local business without local SEO.


Also, for the shop owner if you can dominate your local search, you can increase your online and offline sales as well. If your content is unique and can dominate your local search, you can sky rocket your business.

Why is Local SEO so important?

How to dominate local SEO in 2024?

Now you have learned what local SEO is and the importance of local SEO. Now let’s know how to dominate local SEO in 2024. You know, SEO is an ever-changing process. The method you used last year might not work this year. That is why people take Local search Marketing services so that they can optimize your business properly in the local search result, and you can focus on your business. Here is the process of dominating in local search page.

6 Best way to dominate Local SEO in 2024

Set up your Google My Business page

As we all know, when people search for something, they usually use Google. That is why every business needs to be visible in Google search result here comes Google my business. Google My Business is a business listing that allows your company to be visible in the search result of different Google search output.

It is similar to other business listing directories. But the main difference between other listings and Google My Business listing is that unlike other listings, this one helps your business information be shown in a variety of important places.


With this listing, you can provide details information to your customers, interact with your customers by posting business photos, and expand your business as well. It is completely free and incredibly useful.

In order to list your business, you need to claim your business by visiting Google My business and following the prompts.  Add your business and wait for a couple of weeks to receive a verification postcard from Google. Nowadays, there is an app that makes the process a lot easier than before.

Google Business

Visit: https://www.google.com/business/

When creating your business profile or website on Google my business, make sure you have provided all the necessary information. Also, do not skip any section because all are important. Upload plenty of business-related photos so that people can understand about your business. Choose the right category and reach Local reviews. Also, make sure your local maps Optimization is complete.

Data Innovator

If you can complete your profile perfectly and verify your business, the chances are high that you will be visible in a higher rank on Google search results. Congrats! You have completed the first step of local search engine marketing.

Website setup & hosting

The next step you have to do is to set up a website and hosting. We all know about the website, right? Here, your website is your shop. This is the place where people will come and know about your business in detail. This is the place where you can communicate with your customers.

Maybe you do not know about hosting. Well, hosting is a service that helps people or organizations to post their websites or webpages on the internet.

 Sound confusing?


Well, don’t panic. Let me make it clear for you. Hosting is a place where you can put all your files, such as business information, pictures, videos, and others. This is like a house or storage. And the website is the address of your house. People come to your house and see what is available. Similarly, people visit your website and see what you have kept in the hosting.

Now, you need to set a website and hosting. You will find many hosting providers easily. And nowadays, making a website is super easy with WordPress and other platforms. You can do it yourself by taking help from YouTube. But if you do not have enough time, then you can get the service. It will not cost more, trust me.

When you have a website and hosting, you will have a store address and storage online. This will help people find you easily.

On-page SEO

If you want to do SEO for multiple locations or if you’re going to optimize for different pages or a particular page, then you have to do on-page SEO. The most important factor right now for ranking a page is the on-page SEO. Now you may ask what this on-page SEO is. In one word, it is the user experience. If you want to do on-page SEO, you have to optimize the page as the customer want.

Now, what do customers want?

Let’s start with the URL. The URL has to be easy to remember and easy to type. You never click any link or URL that is so clumsy and looks fishy. Instead, you will click a fresh link, right?

Then you need to make sure that the title is attractive. Among the thousands of results, why people will click your page? Because you have an attractive title. But do not make it too fishy, make it clear, relevant, and engaging.

Also, make sure you have a relevant but attractive photo with an alt tag. Google cannot see your picture. It can read it. So you have to make Google understand that the photo is relevant, and that is when you need to use alt text.

Now start with a mind-blowing catchy paragraph. Or, if you have a product, add a catchy line. Make sure you have the main keyword in the first paragraph. If you need to write the details about your product, then write in such a way that people read until the end. If people do not read until the end, Google will understand that your writing is not helpful, and as a result, it will not rank your page.


Another important thing to remember is putting the area name in the content. It will help. Other than that, make sure your user interface is lightweight, good to look, and easy to use. Also, your website has to load fast. Otherwise, people will go back and visit other websites.

Yoast Result

These are some basic things you should do to make sure you have done an excellent on-page SEO. You can use Yoast SEO or rank math plugin to make the on-page SEO better.

Ultimate On Page SEO Guide

Local Citation

A local citation is also essential when it comes to local search engine optimization. Do you know what citation is? Well, the citation is a reference to your business. It can be the name of your business, phone number, or address of your business as well. Also, it includes the business hour, logo, photo, website address, and other necessary and basic information.

When you have all these citations, Google will cross-reference your information, and if they find out all information valid, they will count you as a real business, and it can help you rank higher on Google search result page. On the other hand, if it finds any inconsistence result, it might affect your ranking.


Now the biggest question is how you can do these citations. The best way to do it is to find out the directories available in your local area. You can Google it, and you will find your local directory where you can submit your business information for citation. There are a lot of directories available on the internet.

Reviews & Complaints

Reviews and complaints are also important, and when it comes to increasing your sales, these two things play a vital role for sure. A large portion of customer checks the reviews first before purchasing any item. Even they check the reviews before physically going to the local shop find in Google.


And of course, the reviews have to be positive. You know, people tend to buy from the store that has more than 4.5-star rating. That is why always ask your customers to provide reviews. Many people think that if the product or service is good, then people will give reviews.

But the thing is that if you do not push the people to give reviews, they do will not likely give you the reviews. So make sure you have asked your customers to give reviews. One more thing, never go for paid reviews because it will make your SEO worse.

Along with the reviews, complaints play a vital role in local SEO as well. A lot of business owners just remove the complaints so that the buyer does not see these. But this is a big mistake. Instead, you should publish all the complaints, and you have to deal with these complaints with patience and confidence.


At first, hear the complaints properly. Do not reply without hearing the claim properly. Then try to emotionally attach with them and beg apology for your mistake or wrong product. And now resolve the problem and make your customers happy. It will not only make your customers happy but also impact your local SEO positively. And people will see how excellent your customer service is.

Local Links

And the last but not the least important thing you can do to dominate in local SEO is Link Building. Nowadays, if you want to know how to dominate local SEO, then you should focus more on local link building. If you want to rank your business in the local search results, you have to collect local links for your business.

Maybe you have heard about the spam link. But we are not talking about that. It is fresh and valid links from local sites. You can take links from the local newspapers, local business sites, or any other local domains. These will help. Also, you should consider taking links from the local chamber of commerce industry, local blogger or influencer, or even from the local directory. These will give a relevancy signal to Google.


And lastly, if you have enough time and budget, you can check your competitors to see from where they have gotten their links. Try to contact those sites and get links from all of these sites. It will boost your ranking fast for sure.  


So these are the main things you should do if you want to dominate your local SEO in 2024. You have to follow and apply all of the methods I have mentioned above. Maybe your competitors are following some of the ways. To beat them, you have to do all of these for better results and higher rank. So I am sure you have learned how to dominate local SEO, and you will apply it to your business to boost your sales and maximize your profit.

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