Breakthrough and Top 6 Best WordPress Theme Review and Guide

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WordPress is currently the most popular website management system in use. It would not be wrong to comment that “WordPress is a factory that makes webpages”. It stores content and enables a user to create and publish webpages.

Users may install and shift among different themes. Themes allow users to change the outlook as well as the functionality of a WordPress website while keeping the core code or site content intact. Every WordPress website requires at least one theme to be present. Needless to say, all of these themes should be designed using WordPress standards.

There are over 10,000 WordPress themes available at the moment. As a result, it is quite a daunting challenge for beginners to find the best WordPress theme that would suit their requirements.

A common question that often arises is whether there is a single WordPress theme that fits all use-cases. Fortunately, the answer is YES. One can use a popular multi-purpose WordPress theme in almost any kind of website. The right theme can make a huge difference in the growth of a website/blog.

As WordPress is unquestionably the most preferred CMS platform on the web, themes which are specially made for sites powered by WordPress also gained substantial prominence in the market.

Users prefer WordPress themes rather than other CMS(Javascript, PHP, Python) because they make the process of setting up websites or blogs or portfolio sites more easier. However, quality WordPress themes are difficult to find. Lack of proper WordPress Guide and best WordPress plugin makes it more difficult.

But here we will discuss 6 Best WordPress theme which is user-friendly and suitable in any means.

6 Best WordPress Theme Review and Guide

1. Divi theme

Divi is the most widely held WordPress theme ever on the loose. Unluckily, it is not unrestricted but it is so far better than anything else you can available that it is worth the charge.

Divi is one of the most widespread multi-purpose WordPress themes on the market. It is created by Elegant Themes, one of the leading WordPress theme shops in the world. With the help of Divi, you can create any type of layout.

One has to create and design a custom layout for a WordPress website. The drag and drop tool of this theme makes this easier. You also get 20 pre-made Divi layouts right out of the box that you can use to your new scheme.

Divi service saves your custom layouts in the Divi library, so you can re-use them in future as needed. Also, there is true visual editing by which you can design your page in real-time and see the results immediately. Developers can easily combine Divi’s visual design controls with their custom CSS. Divi has been regularly updated since its release.

Divi theme - Best WordPress Theme

2. Schema Theme

Schema is one of the most popular well-coded WordPress theme with lightweight and fast loading. The theme looks beautiful on all devices and adapts to any screen sizes.

Schema theme came up with various social media profiles. one can straightforwardly link a site to social media profiles. Schema theme supports almost every types of plugins and widgets.

It features A blog-specific layout which is also responsive. It has Built-in review system and support for other Rich Snippet norms. It is well-suited with all known web browsers including the older versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Schema Theme - Best WordPress Theme

3. StudioPress

Studiopress has been a major player in the WordPress community for years with its flagship theme framework, Genesis. StudioPress is one of the top premium WordPress theme centres on the market.

StudioPress themes are built on top of the Genesis framework with the new WordPress editor, Gutenberg.

StudioPress gives extra prominence on security. Because StudioPress Sites are exclusive that the entire service has been designed from the ground up to promote combined ease-of-use while eradicating misconception and the chance that something will go wrong.

It has minimal customization options for more streamlined user experience. StudioPress consists of clean code which attracts the developers.

Studio Press Theme - Best WordPress Theme

4. Avada

Avada is the original multi-purpose WordPress theme that comes with more than two hundred and fifty-five pre-made web page designs and more than forty-one pre-made fully-featured websites.

Avada provides a growing library of pre-built demos. Their demo installer makes it very tranquil to set up pre-made content. All Avada demos and their pages can be customized through the integrated Fusion Builder tool.

It has unlimited design possibilities where you can change many features such as header, slide, font, colour, icon. Also, it gives the users the theme documentation. With Avada theme, anyone can create a local website. Because the theme is completely translatable!

Avada Theme - Best WordPress Theme

5. Authority Pro

Authority Pro is a multi-purpose WordPress theme geared for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. It’s built on the powerful Genesis theme framework.

User can customize a new site with few clicks of the mouse. There is a built-in section for recent content so the audience can stay up-to-date. The theme has a responsive design which means the site will look magnificent on all types of manoeuvres such as iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. This theme is pre-styled for WooCommerce and BigCommerce so one can easily set up an online store on their own.

Also, this theme is mobile responsive. User’s website will be perfectly optimized for every browser, device and screen size.

Authority Pro Theme - Best WordPress Theme

6. GeneratePress

Mainly, the good news is GeneratePress is a free WordPress theme. This theme was created by Canadian developer Tom Usborne.

As a free WordPress theme, it has so many attractive features which can compete with premium themes. GeneratePress is unbelievably lightweight and swift.

The modular design of this theme allows the user to enable/disable things which someone doesn’t want running. This theme looks pretty good in almost all devices. It has remarkable amalgamation with WordPress customizer. GeneratePress is suitable for all popular plugins. Also, the translation option is ready and available.

Generate Press Theme - Best WordPress Theme


I introduced you 6 best WordPress theme which will help you make a blog, magazine, newspaper, affiliate and make money as you want. I like to hear from you as soon as possible.

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