50+ Best WordPress plugins: Attachment that Essential

WordPress plugins are the software fragments which can be uploaded and those expand the functionality of the site. How to install WordPress pluginsHow-to-speed-up-WordPressHow to start a blog– these are common questions from newbie and beginners. But what WordPress plugins do? How do they function? What are the merits and demerits of those plugins? Plugins are free or premium-based? We will try to find the answers. We will know how to setup google XML sitemap, how to install Google Analytics in WordPress and many more.

WordPress plugins are a great additional feature for WordPress and extending version to WordPress. Right Now, 55,000 WordPress plugins are available and it’s difficult to find a marketer which plugin will be the best WordPress Plugin.

In this post, I will discuss 50+ WordPress Plugins you need to install for your WordPress Website. In this post, I will talk about those plugins which you must-have for your WordPress website.

You know 55,000 WordPress plugins are available and some of the plugins look the same and work same. But the best plugins have the best feature, best user experience, the best framework also. So, I will help you with those best plugins you should must-have. You can find both Free and Premium Plugins for WordPress while most of the plugins are free but sometimes if you need an extra feature you have to go to Premium plugins.

This post includes premium and free plugin which will be essential for a WordPress blog.

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50+ Best WordPress Plugins

Jetpack is a plugin by wordpress.com provides a lot of features, most of them are unrestricted so it’s a master key and a whole package for the bloggers, business owners, affiliate marketers in overall website proprietors.

Jetpack provides a free content delivery network, in short, CDN. It doesn’t require any signup. You will get CDN bandwidth which will be free and unlimited. Jetpack equips a website with an infinite scroll which automatically loads new posts without refreshing the page. Widget is another important issue in the world of WordPress. Widgets are one of the most popular features offered by the Jetpack plugin. It offers an abundance of exclusively convenient widgets that can be applied in numerous ways.

Best WordPress Plugin - JetPack

Akismet is a spam commenting facility aimed to decrease comment in addition to pingback spam. It checks the content of the comment namelessly with an online server, to define whether it is spam or not.  A number of WordPress plugins are prepared to handle spam comments, but the Akismet plugin tops the list.

Best WordPress Plugin - Akismet Anti Spam

Akismet stops spam rejoinders on the user’s website. In fact, this plugin safeguards that every response on your website goes through an exceedingly cutting-edge system of Automatic where hundreds of tests are used to check whether the message With Akismet, the user won’t find a long list of features. This is one of those plugins that do one thing and does it extraordinarily well. It keeps spam comments off the particular website.

 Malcare is a powerful and secure plugin whereas you can instantly remove your WordPress Malware. Malcare comes with a moto “Our Auto-Clean Feature Cleans Your Website Without Waiting for Hours or Days!“.

So We have cleared that they ensure us to not wait to clean up your website without waiting for hours or days.

Best WordPress Plugin - MarCare Security


1. Scanner will not show down

2. Fix a website if it is hacked and you will get your website within 60 secs

3. Real time protection with smart firewall

4. You will get a blacklist from Google & Webhost Suspension.

Yoast SEO was initially named WordPress SEO and was developed as a WordPress plug-in in 2010 by Joost de Valk while he mastered his full-time role as Search Engine Optimization consultant. In 2012, the plug-in was retitled Yoast SEO. In 2012, a premium version of the plug-in was propelled. Yoast has acknowledged praise for its extensive applications in SEO, equally within and beyond its availability as a WordPress plug-in, and for its accessibility as a freemium model

 Now you may be wondering what a freemium is. Mainly freemium is a pricing tactic by which a product or service is provided free of charge, but premium is charged for additional features, services, or online, offline goods.

Best WordPress Plugin - Yoast SEO

Yoast makes easy for the user to edit page titles and meta description tags. Meta tags are key to SEO strategy for each and every page. Yoast adds an internal links column to the “All Posts” and “All Pages”, tables in user’s dashboard.

For the beginners, how to setup Yoast SEO correctly is a frequently asked question. The Setup is not so difficult. One has to navigate over WordPress dashboard and hold that at Plugins tab. Then you have to click add new. Then in the search box, type Yoast SEO. Then will come install option, after that activate.

Rank Math has all the customary features and packages some brand new features. Which makes it potent and the support is very good. On top of all of this its free and the product owner confirmed that the current features will remain free for life. Rank math is a great plugin not only rich in SEO but many other features that a website wants.

Best WordPress Plugin - Rank Math - SEO Plugin

It has Clear and understandable on-boarding and setup process also It’s lightweight, fast and user-friendly. Rank Math has Great UI, Excellent extensive features and simple go through guide for newbies. It provides the user Easy to Use UI/UX. It has responsive support with schema support inbuilt. This plugin is Lightweight compared to Yoast SEO plugin. Other spectacular features are webmaster integration, rich snippet, keyword suggestions. Rank Math Offers a redirection module.

User Registration plugin offers a tranquil way to create frontend user registration form and login form. Drag and Drop fields make ordering and creating forms enormously easy. The plugin is lightweight, extendible, and can be used to create any type of registration form.

Best WordPress Plugin - User Registration

This plugin has numerous useful free features. Boundless registration forms, Multiple Column Layout, ShortCode, 5 form scheme styles, Description box in each field, Form Identical Option are just a few of them. Also this plugin is fully translation ready.

This plugin delivers a complete XML sitemap for search engines. It will not break user’s site, slow it down or conflict with other plugins.

This sitemap can also be submitted to Bing and any other search engine.

 It helps to create a clean sitemap URL. All kinds of WordPress generated pages as well as custom URLs are held by this plugin. It also informs all the major search engines whenever a firsthand post is created about the new content.

Many users don’t know how to setup google xml sitemap. The process is very easy. From the menu, you have to click add new. Then type “Google XML.” Then you have to click install and activate serially.


WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is premeditated for small to large-sized online dealers using WordPress. This plugin Works out of the box by using a receptive email template with custom colors.

Best WordPress Plugin - WooCommerce

It has Built-in testing tool to make sure that emails look strikingly before sending them. WooCommerce allows unlimited products and product variations. WooCommerce’s code is optimized for SEO. It is assimilated with WordPress.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is one of the most widely held caching plugins for WordPress powered sites.

Best WordPress Plugin - W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache improves the SEO and user experience of the site by increasing website performance, reducing load times via features like content delivery network (CDN) integration and the latest best practices.


VaultPress is a real-time backup and security scanning facility designed and constructed by Automatic, the same company that runs loads of sites on WordPress.

Best WordPress Plugin - VaultPress

VaultPress is now power-driven by Jetpack and effortlessly backs up every single post, comment, media file, revision, and dashboard setting on the site. With VaultPress a site will be sheltered against hackers, malware, accidental damage, and host outages.

Mainly it is a premium WordPress backup plugin that provides a cloud backup for the user’s wordpress websites.

WP Smush

WP Smush is a WordPress plugin that enables the user to optimize images without losing quality. This plugin is very tranquil to use and upload friendly. It delivers simple way to optimize images and improve their site enactment.

Though WP Smush gives no control on how much an image can be optimized. Also it reduces the image file size.

Best WordPress Plugin - WP Smush

Smush has a striking interface with proactive features that ask if you’d like to optimize together old photos and new ones. The main advantage of Smush is the amount of material provided about your images and how much space you’ve saved.

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

With more than 2 million active installs, MonsterInsights is the most prevalent Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.  This plugin will keep trail of all clicks and downloads as Events in the user’s Google Analytics account. It shows information anonymously to the maker on how MonsterInsights being used, permitting to know what configurations, themes, and plugins to test.

Best WordPress Plugin - Google Analytics plugin for WordPress MonsterInsights

Also it helps to anonymize the IP addresses of visitors. MonsterInsights disables the dashboard and stops all data collection as long as it’s checked off. User can see the site’s performance at a glance in WordPress dashboard which is a bigger relief.

Users often wonders how to install Google analytics for WordPress. The thing is this plugin can be installed in several ways. But for the beginners copy snippets option is comparatively better. Some users add Google analytics without plugin, Some people manually add google analytics code to WordPress in header.

All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets

An over the top-quality free WordPress plugin to add rich snippets to any blog. More than thirty thousand downloads are the proof of success of this plugin. The plugin is a quality free option for any kind of blog.

Best WordPress Plugin - All in One Schema Rich Snippets

It was developed by two authors, Sujay and Nitin Yawalkar. It upsurges visibility and organic traffic because a rich snippet is more striking than a standard snippet. Though All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets only supports a limited number of the Schema.org content types.

Mainly their list is restricted to reviews, events, people, products, recipes, software applications, videos, and articles. These are the primary and most common markup content types.

BJ Lazy Load

Lazy Load WordPress Plugin is a magnificent tool for speeding up website. Lazy Load WordPress Plugin loads the images only after the rest of the certain page has been loaded. Lazy Load WordPress Plugin – users will access a post and they will first comprehend the content and only after that, they will see the images. This is a great procedure which will increase the website performance a lot.

Best WordPress Plugin - BJ Lazy Load

Lazy Load WordPress Plugin doesn’t need any special configuration – user just have to install the plugin then activate it. As these plugins only install a jQuery script, there is nothing to configure and nothing extra is needed.

Wordfence Security

WordFence Security is a plugin that features numerous tools whose only purpose is to develop WordPress security. WordFence is a very powerful tool, and if we configure it properly in our WordPress then we will have a good security.

This plugin has Virus and malware analyzer that allows to search for malware in the WordPress installation using the WordFence Security database. Firewall or WAF protects WordPress installation from external attacks.

Best WordPress Plugin - Wordfence Security

Traffic analyzer allows to block attacks in an easy and efficient way. IP blocking system that integrates seamlessly with the traffic analyzer and WordFence WAF.

Wordfence Security is widespread with further than two million populaces in the marketplace and has won a good status. This plugin is for free. Also, it is a firewall and security scanner. User can get quick help from wordfence regarding blocking alert.

The free version allows a very suitable management. It is one of the best WordPress plugins for blogs. In the field of WordPress security plugins it is mostly used.

Broken Link Checker

A broken link also known as a dead link is a link on a webpage that is no longer working. Broken Link Checker Plugin starts to scan user’s whole website, all on its own. It finds all the Broken Links and Link Errors, right on the dashboard.

Best WordPress Plugin - Broken Link Checker

It keeps scanning as long as the blog is online.  It updates its results constantly and notifies any new Broken Links it finds over time. This plugin is highly configurable. It requires WordPress 3.0 or later and MySQL 4.1 or later.


Redirection will simply point a broken URL – the one causing the 404 error – to the correct one. It fixes common problems associated with domain and permalink changes. If a significant external link is mistyped, user can redirect it to the correct URL.

Best WordPress Plugin - Redirection

By this plugin all URLs can be redirected, not just ones that don’t exist. This localized plugin has full regular expression support. Redirection is recommended by the search engines, so there’s no negative impact on SEO performance.

MailChimp for WordPress

MailChimp for WordPress is a very popular free plugin that’s highly rated by its users. There are many kinds of affiliations available for Mailchimp. This plugin ensures full reporting. Most of the tools of Mailchimp are available on free plan and It has simple, powerful editor.

Best WordPress Plugin - Mailchimp

If certain users are running specific business and needs solid marketing then MailChimp can be a good choice for them.

Social Icons

Social Icons mainly displays various popular social icons via widgets and shortcodes. Widget can be dragged in sidebars and change the settings can be changed by itself. Shortcode can be used by pasting it on the page, post. User can change and fit the icons with fonts. This plugin supports multiple background and gery scale icons.

Best WordPress Plugin - Easy Social Icons

Disable Comments

This plugin can globally disable comments on any post type and other attachments. Disable comments prevents the settings from getting overridden. It also removes all comment-related fields from edit and quick-edit screens. It can be used to disable comments on the entire network too. This plugin stable, fast and simple.

Best WordPress Plugin - Disable Comments

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is a free and open-source front-end page builder plugin. It is a drag and drop page builder plugin. This plugin provides the user fully customized layouts. Elementor supports RTL theme. Also, user will get automated translated panel. But this plugin is not Compatible with Microsoft Browsers.

Thrive Architect

Mainly Thrive architect is a WordPress page builder plugin. It has spectacular user interface. The layout options are very flexible. But currently, It has no new page templates. This plugin can’t use global content templates. But Thrive architect ranks high in the WordPress plugins list.

Best WordPress Plugin - Thrive Architect

Divi Page Builder

It is a very old page builder plugin. This plugin has a very huge user base. It has Hundreds Of Templates. The editing is very responsive. But It has faulty theme building and Popup builder. But overall it is the most advanced page builder and has more flexibility than others.

Best WordPress Plugin - Divi Page Builder

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

This plugin deals with backup and restoration. It is one of the most popular backup plugin which simplifies many things. It is one of the best WordPress plugins for news sites. Even the free version works great on client sites. But this plugin has too many options and none is clear and smart to use.

Best WordPress Plugin - Updraftplus WordPress Backup

Envira Gallery

In simple words, this plugin enables you to manage the photos in a site wonderfully. It is the best tool for WordPress gallery management. By the help of Envira gallery you can make the gallery responsive to any device, open them in lightbox popup, show all images and videos in slideshows. When a gallery is created, the particular website becomes slow. Other plugins cannot ensure speed. But Envira Gallery has a faster loading speed.

Contact Form 7

This is a free wordpress plugin which gained popularity in a very short time. Contact Form 7 is very easy to use and has a nice feature list. The Customization of this plugin is very easy and it offers countless integrations with other plugins.

Best WordPress Plugin - Contact Form 7

WP form

This plugin is a beginner-friendly contact form plugin that’s easy to use yet very potent. A simple and smart plugin which has integrate ability. Majority of users said that it is easy to install and very simple to operate.

Best WordPress Plugin - WPForms

G Suite

You can say that G Suite is the love child of Google and WordPress.com. Several days ago it was known as Google Apps. G suite is easy to use. It works very well with other plugins.  User can add own custom fields in their profile.

Best WordPress Plugin - G Suite

Constant Contact

Constant Contact makes it easy to build an email list even if for the absolute beginner. They are committed to help small businesses. This plugin works just fine. But for that a user have to double check his settings test it thoroughly. In the elementary stage it used not to work but later they fixed it.

Best WordPress Plugin - Constant Contact Forms


After their initiation Optin Monster has launched many new features. This plugin is user friendly with a versatile customer acquisition. The tools of this plugin are very easy to use and creating a new slide-in takes less than twenty minutes with the point and click interface. A completely functional plugin with variety of options.

Best WordPress Plugin - OptinMonster


If you are concerned about your website security then Sucuri is a good choice for you. Sucuri Inc. is an internationally renowned authority in all matters regarding website security, with a special focus in WordPress Security.

Best WordPress Plugin - Sucuri Security

This WordPress plugin is free for all users. It is designed to complement the existing security system and offers a unique set of features, expertly assigned to have positive effect on the security posture.

Beaver Builder

WordPress Beaver Builder is a powerful tool that helps tremendously with time saving. Instead of taking months to make a website/theme, using Beaver builder you can get the job done in minutes. It is arguably the best plugin for drag and drop page building in WordPress today.

Best WordPress Plugin - Beaver Builder

In fact, it is not only a plugin but also a framework, an engine with a complete toolset which will surely provide you with a pleasant WordPress website development experience. The lite version of Beaver Builder can be used for free while the pro version starts at 99USD.


Most websites have some sort of commercial purpose. It is important to have a proper system to charge the subscribers or members for your content. Doing it manually or building a template for this task can be immensely toiling, however, using the MemberPress plugin it becomes super easy.

Best WordPress Plugin - MemberPress

With MemberPress you will be able to create, moderate and track the memberships and subscriptions of your virtual products without hassle. Unfortunately, this wonderful plugin is only available for premium users. The basic version costs 129USD and can be used in one site only.


Online education is the next big thing in learning community. Distance learning, tutorials, guidance and many other methods of teaching can be accessed online. However, it is a daunting task to organize courses in a website properly. Guess what? Not anymore! With the aid of LearnDash, you can now easily set up online courses.

Best WordPress Plugin - LearnDash

With the use of state of the art E-learning methodology, LearnDash allows you to build your WordPress website just the way you need it for providing the best possible online teaching. It is more than a plugin, LearnDash practical guidance to users to maximize productivity.


SEO is an immensely powerful prospect with tremendous potential. How much success a website might gain depends a lot on its SEO. The challenge, however, is not easy as the keywords can often be shifty. Also back-linking, keywords used by competition websites, etc. can pose huge obstacles.

Best WordPress Plugin - SEMrush

By using SEMRush, you can overcome these difficulties rather smoothly. SEMRush would do the keyword research for you and would also track down the keyword strategy of your competition. Furthermore, it can run as an SEO audit on your blog, as well as check for back-linking opportunities. SEMRush is globally trusted by internet marketers and used by businesses all over the world.


Internet runs on real time. A website is much more desirable if it has the interface to make direct online communication. If you can greet your customer directly and do a Q/A session on demand about your product, surely your sales would skyrocket.

Best WordPress Plugin - LiveChat

LiveChat allows you to do just that! It is an embedded live chat platform for websites as well as mobile platforms. With LiveChat you can connect with the visitors of your website in real time and provide whatever virtual assistance they may require.

Pretty Links Pro

The internet is all about linking. Links to different websites serves different purposes but everything is done by clicking on the correct link. It is important to adequately cloak, shrink, share, track, and organize your links.

For maximizing the potential of your website, you have to maintain top notch quality of your links and for this you can use the plugin Pretty Links Pro.

Best WordPress Plugin - Shortlinks by Pretty Links

There is a free version of Pretty Links available for download, however, the pro version is just so much better. It provides a significant upgrade to Pretty Links and adds many tools and redirection types which will let you generate links automatically, and also to cloak links and replace keywords wherever you like in your blog. You can also categorize and tag links efficiently with the Pro version.

Shared Counts

Websites are all about traffics. More visitors mean more value. It is, however, not easy to attract traffic. Different approaches have to be undertaken to maximize the number of viewers of a site. One effective method is sharing the content so social media or other websites where it might catch the eye of a prospective viewer.

Best WordPress Plugin - Shared Counts

Shared Count is a WordPress plugin that enables just that. It adds a share button to your website and lets you share the contents to other platforms. It is trusted and can be integrated into your website quite easily.

Insert Headers and Footers

Like the name says, it is a basic plugin that lets you insert codes into your websites header and footer. You won’t need to edit your theme files. It is a simple tool but a very powerful one. It gives you one place to insert your scripts instead of dealing with several plugins.

Best WordPress Plugin - Insert Headers and Footers


Grammarly is a superb plugin that checks the grammar of your texts. It ensures that your website is free of grammatical, lexical or misspelling mistakes. It also scores the overall quality of your writing and provides better suggestions. The free version gives you a limited access with the basic features, while the premium version starts from 29.95USD per month. Quarterly and yearly subscriptions offer cheaper rates.

Best WordPress Plugin - Grammarly


With TablePress you can create and manage tables in your WordPress site. And it required no prior knowledge of HTML to do so. It is a very flexible and comfortable interface that lets you to draw, edit and manage various sorts of tables. TablePress is free to use and an excellent basic utility.

Best WordPress Plugin - TablePress

Smart Slider 3

Sliders give your website a cool and elegant look. They can also express a lot of detail over a short window. Smart Slider 3 is a very powerful and spontaneous plugin for WordPress to create sliders. It enables creating beautiful sliders like never before and even better, you don’t need coding for it. Smart Slider 3 is also SEO optimized and very responsive.

Best WordPress Plugin - Smart Slider 3

Really Simple SSL

SSL is tremendously important for security and encryption. Your data must remain secured and for this purpose, Really Simple SSL is an efficient WordPress SSL plugin. With it, you can quickly transfer your WordPress website to SSL.

Best WordPress Plugin - Really Simple SSL

A free plugin is available at the WordPress repository. Using it as base is a good choice. If you need upgrade then you can always get their pro version which as an addon and adds features such as applying SSL on the whole website, or a single page, or social media widgets, and many more.


Migrating a site is often required. In case you want to change domain or server or expand the website. Of course you are not going to through away your contents.

Best WordPress Plugin - Duplicator

Rather you can use Duplicator to bundle up the site’s themes, contents, plugins, database, etc. into a zip package. Using it, you can successfully migrate the site into another location of your choosing. A very handy plugin indeed.

WP Clone

WP Clone is another plugin which can help you migrate your website to a different domain or hosting server. It moves only the user content and the database, not the WordPress system files. Thus is a lightweight and reduces the upload time significantly. It also has excellent security and is trusted by the user communities.

Best WordPress Plugin - WP Clone


A good website is always optimized to the fullest. Doing it manually is a daunting task–virtually impossible. With the Autoptimize plugin, however, it is a matter of clicks. Autoptimize enables you to speed up your WordPress site and the load time drops as low as 600ms.

Best WordPress Plugin - Autoptimize

It is to be noted though that Autoptimize is strictly an optimization plugin and does not offer caching features. It is great at what it does, very specific.

Login Lockdown

Internet security is perhaps the biggest challenge at operating a website. Hackers and spammers are everywhere nowadays. They often use bots and programs to crack passwords and bypass security systems.

Best WordPress Plugin - Login LockDown

The Login Lockdown plugin has an answer to this approach. It records the timestamp and the IP address of unsuccessful login attempts. If a certain number of failed attempts are made over a short period of time then it disables the login function for that IP. This way, the security is more difficult to breach and brute force password discovery is thwarted.

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is a two-factor (2FA) authentication. With it the user identity can be verified prior to giving access to websites. In the present day and age of cyber crime, internet fraud and hacking, it is a very useful tool. With Google Authentication, you can stop people from masquerading as someone else on your website.

Best WordPress Plugin - Google Authenticator

Code Snippets

PHP code snippets are very useful in coding. However running them on your site could be a very tiring job. With the Code Snippets program it is made considerably easier as there is no longer any need to add custom snippets to the theme’s function.php file.

Instead this plugin provides a GUI interface for adding snippets and actually run them on your site as if they were on the file.

Slider Revolution

slider revolution is a plugin concerning about content display. By the help of this plugin user can build slides and custom pages. This plugin has improved slide editor. Also, Slider Revolution is integrated with WooCommerce. But this plugin is not completely free.

Best WordPress Plugins - Slider Revolution

Users need to purchase the license. Otherwise it won’t work efficiently. Another thing is, this plugin has a lot of options. Which makes everything confusing and difficult. If the user of this plugin is a beginner then there is a chance, he/she will face difficulty.

Facebook Pixel

Mainly this plugin is an official analytics tool. Its work is related to Facebook and user’s website. It creates audiences by Facebook ads. If any user wants to launch Facebook ads then Facebook Pixel will provide the user a heap full of audiences.

Best WordPress Plugin - Facebook Pixel

As you heard about 50 best WordPress plugins. Now you decide which plugin will help you to start a blog or website or e-commerce site or company website or personal portfolio.

So, Let me know which one are the best plugins for your website and how that will help you to rank on first page on Google?

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Note: All concepts are written by Proalphatech.com Team.

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