How to Get Backlinks – Easy and Best ways

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The backlink is the heart of SEO. Without quality backlinks, it is nearly impossible to rank higher in Google search results. And it is more important when your keyword is competitive. The more quality backlinks you have, the better the chances of ranking higher.

That is why getting backlinks for your page is essential. A lot of people try a private blog network or purchase links. But doing so might earn a penalty from Google. That is why the best practice you can do is to earn some quality backlinks. But in this competitive age, knowing How to get Backlinks is important.

It is not impossible. There are some ways by following which you can easily earn backlinks. Do you want to know these? If yes, then keep reading this article until the end.

21 Best Ways to Get Backlinks

Competitor Backlink Analysis

The first thing you need to do is to analyze your competitor. Because if you do not analyze the competitor, you would not know what types of backlinks do you need and how many backlinks do you need. It is possible to rank your site with one or two quality backlinks if you find out that your competitors do not have enough quality backlinks.

Competitor Backlinks Analysis

You should remember one thing here that “only quality backlinks matter”. So make sure you analyze your competitor and check from where they are getting backlinks.

Not only the sites that are providing your competitors backlinks are important, but also the referring domains to those websites are important as well. Meaning that if your competitors have backlinks from, for example, Google.com, then you should check the backlinks Google has as well.

By checking all of these, you will get an idea about how many backlinks do you need to rank your site. Also, you have a basic idea about what types of links do you need from how man authoritative the sites are.

Basic Backlinks

After analyzing your competitor, you need to do some basic backlinks. In general, social media backlinks, profile backlinks, forum posting, classified ads posting, directory submission, article submission, social bookmarking and blog commenting are referred to as basic backlinks.

Do these links affect the ranking? Not directly. But when you have profiles in all the reputed social media and other relevant websites, Google will understand that you are a real business, and you have a presence everywhere. Use your real info and pictures to create profiles and also regularly post on those profiles. It will help you gain some visitors as well.

Remember one thing that SEO is not what Google wants; SEO is what you need to do to rank your site. And to do that, you must add variation in your link building process and do some basic backlinks. Find some relevant blogs and try to comment based on the content. Do not never ever try to do spamming at all.

Related Forum posting

Forum posting is another great way of building links. Though these forum backlinks do not impact the ranking that much, it helps you get some visitors and add some variation in link building. Thus it can indirectly improve the rank.

In order to do forum posting, you must need to find some relevant forum. Most of the time, you might not find a lot of forums related to your niche. However, you will find at least a few. After finding the forum, you need to create profiles. Try to optimize your profile as much as possible. Then spend some time to understand the etiquette of the forum.

After doing that, it is time to make some friends, and then you can start posting and commenting. When posting and commenting, you can simply share your website link where people will find their solution. Here, do not spam too. Google will give you a penalty for sure then.

Broken Links

I just love broken link building because it works the best. If you want to know How to Get Backlinks easily, then I will say by broken link building. It is extremely easy to do. In this method, you need to find out some webmasters who have broken links on their websites.

Broken Backlinks

Meaning that they have some outbound links that are not working. It is a good sign that your outbound links are not working; the visitors will not be happy for sure.

When you find out some webmasters like this, you need to inform them about the broken link then and suggest them to replace the broken link with some relevant links. In this case, of course, you will suggest your site. Since you are doing a favor to the webmaster, chances are really high that you will get the links.

Infographics Backlinks

Infographics are also a fantastic way to get backlinks. They are fantastic because they visualize things for users. And who does not like visual content, right? Instagram is so popular because they give you visual content. If you have Infographics in your website, and if the Infographics is good enough to satisfy your users, chances are really high that you will get backlinks automatically.

You won’t have to knock any webmaster for a link. Instead, webmasters will find you to share your link to their website. But for that, you have to create mind-blowing content. To do that, you need to find out some hot and trending topics relevant to your niche and then create Infographics. It might be a little bit expensive to create Infographics, but it is worthy of it, and you will get many backlinks.

Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper technique is the latest technique of link building, and it is invented by the SEO guru Brain Dean. In this method, you have to find the most popular website in your keyword and create better content than that content. After that, ask people to give you links.

To do this, you need to search your keyword on Google simply. Then check the first few results and create 10 times better content than these contents. It will take time for sure, but it is worthy of it for sure. After creating the content, it is time to promote it.

Find all the websites that have given the link to the first few websites rank on Google in your keyword, and then email them by telling it that you have far better content. You can use a backlinks checker tool to find those backlinks. Chances are, you will get relevant and quality backlinks from those sites.

Expired Domain

Another great way to build backlinks is through the expired domain. And it works perfectly. If you can do it, you can achieve some quality backlinks for sure. You can do it in two ways. One is that you have to find your niche relevant expired domains.

Expired domain

After finding it, you have to find the websites that have given links to those expired domains. Then you need to contact those webmasters and inform them that these links are dead now, and instead of using that link, use your link.

Another way is by using the merging method. In that method, you need to buy that expired domain. After buying the domain, simply 301 redirect all the pages to your relevant pages. It will significantly improve the authority of your site and help you gain rank.

Press Release

You may consider the press release method to get backlinks. Publishers, journalists, and bloggers are consistently looking for new information to enrich their websites, newspapers, press, or blogs. If you can create content with new information, you can easily get backlinks from those sites.

In general, you will get these links naturally. However, sometimes, you can contact these bloggers or publishers to refer to your site. But the problem is that sometimes, you will get the only reference but not the link. Meaning that those sites will only mention your company name without a link. In that case, you should contact them and ask for the link.

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Guest Posting

Guest posting is the most used, most popular, and most effective way to get links. It refers to posting your written content to other high-quality sites in exchange for a link. That means you will write high-quality content for a high authority website and ask for a link to your website.

Since the webmaster is getting a high quality, researched article, he will happily give you a link. If this is done correctly, you can see its significant impact on your site ranking.

But how can you do it? Well, at first, you need to find all the high authority websites relevant to your site. Also, you can create a list of websites by using our first method, competitor analysis. After that, you need to find out what content will be perfect for that site. Then write that content and mail the webmaster by offering your free content in exchange for a link to your website.

Email Outreach to Influencers

This is an old method; however, it still works. No matter how well-written content you have, if your content is not promoted, it has no value at all. This is why you need to outreach your content to the users, publishers, and other bloggers to get SEO backlinks. When you do that, you can easily get some links.

In order to do that, simply collect the emails of your users, publishers, or bloggers and email them with the link to your email. When writing an email, it is important you follow some basic rules of emails. At first, you need to write an interesting subject.

Your subject determines whether people will open the email or not. Then write an appealing body paragraph with all the benefits he or she will get by reading your content. If the content is good enough, they will share it in their sites, and you will get a link.

Backlinks From the Donation and Non-Profit Sites

Getting backlinks from non-profit or donation sites is pretty straightforward. You just need to donate some money to their organization or site to get the link. All you need to do is to find some companies or organizations that accept the donation and donate a few dollars to get the link. However, if you find too many outbound links, try to avoid that company.

Backlinks Earned by Promoting Your Best Content

As I said, after writing good content, you should promote it. But how can you promote it? Well, you can directly email some publishers and bloggers to know their feedback about your content. But do not ask for backlinks at all. If your content is well-written, you will get backlinks automatically from them because they want to share good content for sure.

Backlinks from Testimonials

You can get backlinks from testimonial as well. Think about all the purchases you have made recently. Simply write a few words by praising the service or product you have purchased from him, and if you are lucky, they will feature it to their home page. These links will surely help you increase the authority of your website and rank higher.

Backlinks from Interviews

Interviews can be on radio, TV, in the podcast, or on a blog. It does not matter what the form is; you can mention your site for sure. But to do that, you have to be invited at first. And to get that, you should regularly provide good solutions to different types of problems related to your niche. Then you can outreach to these interviewers, and I hope you will get invited.

Backlinks Earned from Meetups and Conferences

If you participate in the local meetups and conferences, you will build a strong network with some sponsors or relevant company owners. And that network can help you gain some really good links. Not only will this help you gain a higher rank, but also it will help you get more exposure to new users and brand awareness.

Internal Links

It is the only link where you have full control over. If you want to know how to get backlinks without any effort, then this is the one. In this method, you need to provide links to one page to another. It will help Google understand that all of your pages are interrelated, and it will help you build a better authority. So try to use a good number of internal linking.

Backlinks Earned with Webinars

Another great way to gain quality backlinks is webinars. Webinars are easy to create, and it attracts people a lot. But that webinar has to be easy and helpful. If it is helpful, a lot of bloggers or web site owners will embed it to increase their authority. And when they do it, you will get some quality links naturally.

But as I said, you have to provide a real solution to the problem so that the webinar has some value to the users. Only then will you get quality backlinks.

Backlinks Earned by Creating Free Pnline Tools, Widgets, Plugins or Extensions

As you know that if you can create some good content, you might get some quality backlinks naturally. Why is that? Because people get help from that. Similarly, if you can create some free online tools, plugins, extensions, or widgets that will help people, then surely you can get some high-quality backlinks.

For example, if you have a health-related niche site, you can create a BMI calculator where people can learn their BMI by providing their age, height, and weight. Similarly, you can create other tools or widgets or extensions that can help people. If you can do that, you will get many backlinks without any effort.

Backlinks from Surveys

You may notice that many websites have linked some survey results, right? It is done to improve the trust of the post. When people see the survey result, they believe the content. You can take advantage of this system. All you need to do is to do some surveys and make the result public.

Remember that, not all types of the survey will get backlinks, your survey has to be helpful to people. So, create a survey and make people participate in it and then share it on your website. Other webmasters will happily share your results with the link.

Backlinks from Q&A Platforms

I am sure you have some questions in your mind after reading this long article. Actually, everyone has questions, and everyone loves to get an answer. That is why you will see in Yahoo answer or Quora or Reddit; people are asking so many questions.

Be a problem solver here. Try to find relevant questions in those sites and answer the questions. For example, if you have an SEO related site and you find a question about what is Dofollow vs Nofollow link. You can simply answer the question on your site and link it to there. You will get some SEO backlinks and some visitors for sure.


Now you know how to get backlinks. Actually, getting backlinks is so important that without it, you might not get rank and as a result you can make a profit out of your site or business. So always try to follow the methods I have mentioned above and if you can do that, I hope you will succeed in building links.

These are not that tough, you see. All you need is determination and time. You need to do it consistently. Without consistency, Google will count it as spam. So make sure you regularly do SEO backlinks because I am sure you have known what is backlinks in SEO? 

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