Authority Pro Theme Review: #1 Online Business Child Theme

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Save the hassle with this complete Studiopress Authority Pro review!

If you are still figuring out how to start your blog, this guide will help you make the final decision and whether this theme actually works for you!!

The Authority Pro is the #1 best selling Studiopress theme that will work for almost any type of business. Its clean code and high customizability gives you total control on your website!

Authority pro theme review

When I’m into building top notch, unique and awesome websites, I almost always go with this theme. Sure, I do have to put those hours, but the end result is incomparable.

Let’s check out what functions the theme supports, its potential and drawbacks to consider before making the final purchase!!

Who Should Use the Authority Pro theme?

Based on the available features and my opinion, I think the Authority Pro theme is built for mainly users who know a bit about coding.

It’s highly customizable but to enjoy its highest potential, you will have to get into coding. If you don’t know coding but have the budget to hire someone, then this theme is absolutely perfect for you!

For newbies and novice users, it can still serve the purpose of putting up few blog posts but you will be limited to basic looking pages.

Authority Pro Theme Review: Top Features Analysis

Functional Homepage Design

Some of the useful home page design functions of this theme are:

  • Opt-in form: The theme has a built-in opt-in form that makes lead capturing easy and fast. It makes your homepage stylish and professional.
  • Featured widgets: Below the opt-in form you can use the featured widgets to place logos and other stuff to show your credibility.
  • Testimonials: You can include testimonials of your most loyal clients and business allies to boost your sales and gain new leads.
  • Recent post widget: This feature helps to distribute link juice to different pages of your site.

Customizable Header and footer

Authority pro Full weight blog post

The theme has a responsive footer design. That means, it will shift to a toggle menu whenever visitors come through mobile devices!

It’s got a section division. Place your logo in the first section and the menu bar in the second section. You can also create drop down menus with ease.

The footer is almost similar to the header. The vacant space above makes it look classy.

Blog Section

The Blog section of the Studiopress Authority Pro is just like any other theme you can find. I love the full-width image that comes above the title.

Authority pro Blog Section

You can add a comment section and recent blog post section. It’s pretty clean and functional.

SEO Optimization

Themes and SEO ranking— Do they have a connection?

In terms of Google’s ranking factors, there’s no award for making the best website in the world.

However, if your theme has faulty codes, the search engines can’t crawl your site easily. The result is a diminished ranking.

Authority Pro has clean and well-structured codes that makes it optimized for SEO.


In the later part of 2019, traffic from mobile devices accounted for 52.6% of global traffic!

You have to have a mobile-friendly website to use this opportunity and reach at the top of the rankings.

The Authority Pro is a highly responsive theme, which means it will transform perfectly to mobile size.


Customization is probably the only thing that makes this one of the best wordpress themes ever! You can use the live customizer tool to customize it to some extent. However, until you go down to the codes and CSS files, you can’t get the best results.

3 Page Layouts Options

The layouts can be switched between 3 formats. Either the sidebar stays on right or left of the content or full-width content with no side bars.

Authority pro Sidebar

Depending on your design preference, you can choose any of these three. For home pages and certain blog pages, the full-width layout is a popular selection.

eCommerce Support

Do you sell online? Then this is the perfect theme for you.

It’s a wooCommerce optimized theme that lets you install the Genesis Connect Plugin to have full control and smooth operation of the eCommerce functionalities.

You can also sell digital products with Easy Digital Downloads without any difficult coding or technical knowledge.

Speed Optimization

Page Speed is one of the most vital ranking factors. The Authority Pro is built on a solid Genesis Framework, which is faster than a lot of themes online.

The quality of the codes are quite high and so you will gain fast speeds from the get go.

However for more speed, you can install premium plugins like WP Rocket and Short Pixels. There are even free alternatives that work equally well like WP super cache.

Supports Gutenberg

Gutenberg makes you capable of reusing modules for design. This helps to save time and make a lot of landing pages in quick time. The Authority Pro supports the latest versions of Gutenberg.

Supports Translation

You can install a premium plugin like WPML for translating your entire website into different languages for targeting visitors from various countries.

But…you need to have a theme that supports multilingual codes. This theme is translation ready and you can install a language plugin right away.

Other Notable Features of Studiopress Authority Pro

  • HTML5 markup
  • Supports google fonts
  • Can add social media widgets
  • Make Pricing tables
  • Schema ready

Reputed Websites With Studiopress Themes and Genesis Framework

Studiopress themes are popular among internet bloggers. If reputed sites trust studiopress, so should you! Here are some examples:

  • The spun: This popular sports blog has 3 million visitors every month. It’s built on the Genesis theme and that amount of visitors is the proof that it should work for you too.
  • Shout Me Loud: It’s one of the most visited blogs from India with an organic traffic of more than 8 million per month. And guess what? They also use the StudioPress theme.
  • Quick Sprout: It’s a leading Neil Patel blog with organic traffic of 5 million per month. What’s surprising is it uses the exact StudioPress Authority Pro theme that we are reviewing.

Comparison With Other Studiopress and Genesis Themes

While the Authority Pro is targeted towards all sorts of bloggers who wants complete control of the coding and customizability, the other Studiopress themes have specific functions:

Studiopress Academy Theme: This theme works perfectly for people who love creating online courses or want to sell educational content. It has lots of email opt-in options.

Revolution Pro Theme Package: I love this theme because of lots of white space. And that’s the reason it’s popular among photographers and small business owners. You have 5 home page options to choose from.

Studiopress Breakthrough Pro: If you own a marketing agency and require minimalist design, this theme will be absolutely perfect.

Genesis Framework Corporate Pro Theme: This theme is perfect for business websites that want to start right away without spending much on development fees.

Studiopress Vs. Elegant themes— Which is better?

Studiopress and Elegant themes are equally popular around the web. Both have different purposes and users.

Studiopress Themes

Elegant Themes

Built for making professional websites for serious business

Perfect for beginners and small business owners

Requires more time to get started

Minimal time to start a website

For truly customized website, need to know coding or hire a professional

Self customization with moving sliders or using Divi editor

Enables creating absolutely unique websites

Elegant theme websites can be made to unique to some extent

Verdict: Elegant themes are for one man organization and Studiopress is for big companies or individuals who don’t want to compromise anything.

Authority Pro Pricing Structure

The Authority Pro theme along with the Genesis Framework comes in at $129.95. It’s a one-time purchase fee with one full year of support and lifetime updates. You can use it on an unlimited number of websites.

Authority pro theme pricing


  • Super fast and speed optimized
  • Fully responsive layout makes it mobile-friendly
  • Clean and well-structured code
  • Can create unique and fully customized websites
  • Have Gutenberg Support


  • Not a lot of customization options if you are not going into coding

Final Verdict

We’ve come to the end of this Studiopress Authority Pro Review! Now, it’s time to make a decision.

If you want complete control and authority of your website, making it look totally unique and stand out from competitors, there’s no better theme out there!

Yes, you might need to spend more on developer fees. However, serious business owners will have no issues spending a bit more to beat competitors. If you know coding, then you’ll need no fees for development.

For amateur wordpress users and entrepreneurs who want to get started right away but still want more customizations, this theme is not for you.

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